Lee, Yeong Woo
The office was founded in 1936 as a forerunner in Korea by Mr. Lee, Yeong Woo who was one of only eight first Korean patent attorneys.

He was famous for his own library in IP laws and made a great contribution towards the Korean patent system since its beginning age, which can be found in the chronicle of the Korean Patent Office (KIPO).

He had majored in Law at Chuo University and qualified as a patent and trademark attorney in 1936.

He was the first vice president of Chosun Patent Attorney Association (the former KPAA) in 1946 and also the first vice president of Korean Patent Attorney Association (KPAA) in 1962. He was also the vice president of KPAA from 1963(2nd KPAA) until 1967(6th KPAA).
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